The way that I see it…

I have a conflicted mind when it comes to Politics. Yes, I can easily be classified as a bleeding heart liberal. However, I don’t think our current politicians really differ very much. They may have an R, D or I in front of their names, and they might have a slightly unique flavor, but they all leave the same bad taste in my mouth. The conservatives confuse the ever living hell out of me though. Somehow, they’ve managed to convince their constituents that it’s the poor that are the source of America’s problems. That because there are so many folks who depend on “Government Handouts” to survive, that our country is falling apart.

Naturally, the solution is to cut taxes on the people who actually do have money. The whole trickle down economics model has been proven hundreds of times over by various economists that it doesn’t work and actually hurts us more than helps us. The distribution of wealth in this country is way off. Now, you are probably thinking, “I know all this already..”, or at least I hope. The sad part is, I can’t rely on my side of the isle to actually change the standard. Even if the House and Senate were controlled by the Democratic party, and we had a Democrat for President, I still don’t think it would change. We started cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans back in the 80’s and right now they are paying the least amount of taxes in our history.

Now, when  I file my taxes and I look at the percentage, I sit around 20% – 25% of my income. During Mitt Romney’s last futile run for President, he disclosed that he had paid 13% in taxes the previous year. Why exactly should a man who runs a few companies and basically fucks them over to benefit the share holders before the original company declares Bankruptcy and closes it’s doors, get such massive tax breaks? These aren’t the people who are keeping our economy alive. It’s your average workers that do that. If you have a citizen base who can barely afford housing, they certainly aren’t going to go out and be able to buy pleasure items. Income increases have become stagnant across the country for your average American. The cost of everything else, however, has most certainly gone up.

Now, I’m no economist….I have to base my opinions off what I read. I don’t have a solution for this issue aside from wiping the entire House and Senate and starting over again. What can you do? The Supreme Court just opened the doors for political bribery via campaign contributions and corporations have been deemed to be people. There are no lobbyists pressuring Washington for laws and regulations that are in our best interests. It’s not one side or the other, it’s become the Rich vs the Poor. The middle class will slowly vanish, and if certain groups have their way, there will be a working class and a ruling class. That happened back in the middle ages until the local peasants got pissed off and rose up and burned the castles to the ground. The only problem with that, is that technology has increased more than one hundred fold. Any attempt at uprising would likely be deemed “Domestic Terrorism” and the response would be swift and brutal.

I don’t see how people can be surprised when I tell them I don’t want kids. Why would I want to raise a child into the world that is developing before my eyes? I already worry over what it’s going to be like twenty years from now! I feel like human greed has taken over, and that our populace has been duped into thinking the rich have their best interests in mind, while the poor are the actual bastards here. I mean, they should just stop being lazy and get a job! I don’t have a solution. I wish I did. Even if I did have a solution, I wouldn’t have the power to change it. What is someone supposed to do when everything that they watch unfold with their country is out of control and off the tracks? I mean, we don’t even know all the countries we are in conflict with.

It’s frustrating, damn it. Idiots have managed to become our leaders. People who think Russia can be seen from their back yard, or that a women’s body shuts down her reproductive system so she can’t get pregnant if raped…People who think the Earth is 6,000 years old, or believe that Evolution is “just a theory…” People who have absolutely no care or concern for the environment. People can call me a hippie all they want, but I’m not going to think for one fucking second that preserving the planet we live on isn’t a good fucking idea. If we keep drilling, or poisoning our seas or drinking water…We will eventually go extinct and Nature will roll the dice again after the planet heals itself. I just wish that in the age of us being the smartest we’ve been since we first climbed down from the trees, we acted with a bit more common sense and intelligence. A guy can dream, can’t he?


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