Yet another topic not intended for polite conversation…

Ok, so everyone has seen the epic battle raging on in the media and internet about Creationism. Fundamentalists are pushing for it to be taught along side Evolution because its “only a theory”, and they feel that they have a theory as well. There are a few major flaws with this. Science takes observable evidence, and drafts their thesis. Then, the scientific community scrutinizes every single detail in attempts to prove it wrong. It’s not until after it’s been thoroughly peer reviewed, that it’s given any clarity at all.

Christian Scientists (the word is laughable), do not have bachelor degrees in biology, physics, geology, astro-physics, etc. much less doctorates. Some of them call themselves Doctors with degrees from uncredited schools in Biblical Science or Biblical Theory, but these can be assigned online from shady websites for the right price.

They also take the information found in the Bible and then find evidence to support their ideas. You don’t find fragments of history and match them to your book, all while ignoring the other observable evidence in the field. It’s inherently dishonest, and it’s creating generations of idiots. People who truly believe that scientists are all part of the evil, atheist agenda. It’s appalling. Similar people started the campaigns to stop parents from vaccinating their children. They claim the government and other science agencies are poisoning our children, or causing Autism. The only thing they are managing to do is to create a society where people with immune system deficiencies can be at risk because the normal healthy people are carriers of diseases like the mumps, measles and other nasty strains.

My biggest issue, is that when the faithful attack science and claim the Earth is 6,000 years old, they are only hurting their cause. They claim Yahweh is omnipotent, and that the Bible is the Word of God. If that’s the case, then it’s wrong. I feel like these people, in efforts to show the power of their savior, seriously limit his range and power. Personally, I am atheist. I take what our astrophysicists have gleaned from the Universe, and I accept it as fact. In the event a scientist makes a stunning break through and proves things to be different, I will alter the way I view things. The fundamentalists on the other hand, leave no room for movement. It has to be written in stone, this way or no way. Believe, or face an eternity in Hell.

The earth isn’t the center of the universe. Shit, we aren’t even the center of our own galaxy. We are on the outer rim. The lights in the sky aren’t lights affixed in place in the firmament. They are planets and stars that are billions upon billions of miles away. There are other galaxies, other clusters…Super clusters, if you will…Each of them capable of having a planet like ours.

While I don’t personally believe in a divine force, just because the Universe is so vast doesn’t mean there isn’t room for faith in a divine force. Admittedly, it’s harder to stretch the imagination or concept of faith to that point, especially if you believe in a divine force that is a humanoid, or humanoids. If you believe in the divine as a concept, it becomes much easier.

Let’s not make the error of assuming that today’s mythology wasn’t someone’s religion. All the Greek and Roman Gods & Goddesses….People can chuckle and think, “How silly…Worshipping all those Gods..sacrificing bulls and whatnot.” Yet, the most prominent religions today have strange rules and rituals. Sadly, the majority of organized religion stands for oppressing the female gender, and preventing other people from having the freedom to live their life how they wish. I have absolutely zero problem with people finding enjoyment and fulfillment from their religious beliefs. When I take issue, is when they are trying to turn their beliefs into laws, or forcing said beliefs on others. When your belief structure preaches love and acceptance, but only gives out hatred and intolerance, there is a major problem. Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world. Especially if you include all the off-shoot cults..errr…sects of the “original” teachings. Mormons, Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostal….The list goes on and on. Each will tell you that the other is wrong and that only their select group are the ones that really have the fast track to Heaven.

God is all powerful. He can change your life in an instant, and knows every hair on your head. He can create great joys in your life! Yet, he needs MONEY! Your money! Churches are tax exempt. Regardless of religions, if you pass the 14 point test, you gain tax exempt status. Churches don’t have to submit the same forms that other non-profits have to submit every year either. So you have massive donations coming in, and no accountability or transparency as to where these funds are going. You also have the preachers at the pulpit talking about the evils of Democrats and that everyone needs to rally behind a Republican candidate. Last time I checked, political platforms had to pay taxes.

I think the entire thing has gotten out of hand. This post has been all over the place, but honestly, there are a ton of red flags that religions throw up every time I see/read/hear about them. It’s sad. If the Jesus they allege to worship came back and saw the current form of his Church, he’d weep. I don’t even call these folks Christians anymore. They don’t worship Christ. They worship Paul. If you’ve read the Bible, you will know that Paul was a woman hater, a drunk, and a warlord. Yet, even as I type this, I realize that none of the Gospels were written by the names at the top. These were all “translated” over the years, and the Council of Nicaea decided what books would piece together the Bible, and how they would read. Pro-Tip: The Council of Nicaea was in 325 A.D. per the Roman Calendar. Jesus lived to be 35, if I’m not mistaken. By that math, the Bible was drafted and put together 290 years after his death. Ever play a game of telephone? A message can’t even make it across a room of 20 people without changing. What do you think is going to happen when the holy texts are translated over and over again? Do you think it was possible that the translators may have been politically motivated?

These are the things that keep me from organized religion, and I solely focused on the most prominent in my country. The sad thing is, the top three religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) are all fighting and killing each other while they worship the exact same god. All three believe that Yahweh is their God…They disagree over who the savior is, or whether he’s even arrived yet. It’s sad. I feel like we are in a time when our intelligence is obviously at it’s peak, yet we continue to have stunning examples of how it’s not, every single time another Church is out there trying to get Creationism taught in public schools.

That’s all for now, folks. I’m sure more will come.



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