Well hello there….

I had been considering making a blog for quite some time now. I am a snarky, cynical, opinionated bastard so if you’re following, you may be in for a roller coaster ride of laughter, tears, anger and pure bliss. I’m also a vehement liberal, so if you’re a conservative, you likely won’t find anything but aggravation. You are still welcome to comment and be yourself! As the very nature of this wonderful beast we all surf on all day is chaotic and outspoken, so should you.

Let’s get started then shall we? I want to start with a topic that gives me more heartburn than eating Taco Bell with a large extra pulpy orange juice. Chemtrails, and the people who think THEY are plotting against us. Trust me folks…The government doesn’t need to disperse chemicals in the air to fuck us all over. They are already doing that with the policies they enact. I feel like conspiracies like these are there for people to latch onto so they feel like they are “in the know” and a part of some secret group who really knows what is going on. Conspiracy Theorists are almost religious in nature due to their belligerent disregard of scientific fact, and holding the opinion they do simply because “They Know”.

Instead of worrying about chemtrails, or cloud seeding, or other nonsense…..Worry about the fact that the oil companies are spilling oil all over the place. Into our water supplies, oceans, lakes, etc. News flash! If we poison the waters on this planet, our demise is close to follow. Some people will read that and immediately start screeching about it being a bunch of hippie bullshit, but honestly, it’s just a fact. Instead of searching for something shadowy to fear, fear the repercussion of not having drinkable water or seas that can support life.

That’s all for now, more belligerence to come as the mood strikes!


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